Where are these slides?

You will find all these slides in the Front Matter of respective posts. Search inside _posts folder.

How to edit them?

All slides are mentioned under "slides:" in every post. Change its content for your needs.

Choose a theme!

Choose a theme using one of these in the Front Matter. black, white, league, sky, beige, simple, serif, blood(default), night, moon, solarized.

- title: Some title
  slide-data: some data
  theme: white 

Add background color!

Use background: attribute on a slide to change its backround color.

- title: Some title
  slide-data: some data
  background: '#0a5' 

Add a background image!

Mention image: attribute with complete path of the image in Front Matter for the particular slide.
image: '/images/image-1.jpg'

Many more data types..

Checkout demo page for more data types.


Visit the project page or directly download.